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Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in Ghaziabad

We are a Ghaziabad-based shot blasting machine manufacturer, specializing in customized equipment for special applications.

Our Brief History, Goals & Motivation


Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in Ghaziabad

Yes, Aerowheel offers customization options. For example, our Airless Tunnel Type Machines can be developed with a varying number of wheels to suit individual client needs.

We go beyond just supplying machines. Aerowheel provides a range of spare parts and expert assistance for affordable machine maintenance. Having spare parts readily available means you can rely on a single vendor for all blasting solutions.

Choosing the right Ghaziabad-based shot blasting machine manufacturer involves assessing their:

  • Experience and expertise
  • Customization capabilities
  • Quality control
  • Innovation and technology adoption
  • After-sales support
  • Client reviews
  • Overall cost-effectiveness

Yes, several shot blasting machine manufacturers in Ghaziabad (including Aerowheel Surface Finishing) provide customization options. We understand industry needs are diverse and tailor our machines to meet your specific requirements.

After-sales support is crucial when choosing a Ghaziabad-based manufacturer. Look for a company that offers reliable technical assistance, quick access to spare parts, and on-site support to ensure your machine operates smoothly with minimal downtime.

Top Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Unlock precision and durability with Aerowheel’s groundbreaking shot blasting machines. Crafted for supreme performance, thorough cleaning, and exceptional surface preparation.

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India
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At Aerowheel, we embrace new ideas and cutting-edge technologies to secure our company’s future. We thrive in an atmosphere of continuous innovation, ensuring our machines stay adaptable within an ever-evolving technological landscape.



We function as a unified team, dedicated to fulfilling our clients’ needs with shared objectives. From concept to delivery, our focus remains on exceeding expectations with exceptional service and timely results.



We strive for constant improvement, optimizing our products and processes for maximum efficiency. In a rapidly changing world, we ensure our machines are designed with the agility to adapt, keeping you ahead of the curve.


Delivering Comprehensive Solutions

From inception to completion, we offer tailored solutions that meet the diverse needs of every sector and industry. With precise dimensions and robust designs, our machines are meticulously crafted to align perfectly with your business requirements. Trust us to customize your shot blasting machines, ensuring they suit your specific needs and operations.

Our commitment doesn’t end with the purchase of a machine. We stand by your side throughout its lifetime, providing dedicated support and service. Count on us to maximize the lifespan of your equipment, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. At AeroWheel, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in Jodhpur

Our Proven Track Record


Aerowheel’s decades of experience fuel our impressive portfolio of successful surface preparation installations. Our expertise is trusted by:

  • Leading agricultural and heavy equipment manufacturers: We power their peening, cleaning, and deburring processes.
  • Global OEMs and automotive giants: Aerowheel is their solution for superior metal finishing.
  • The worldwide defense industry: We’re proud to be a preferred supplier.
  • The booming green energy sector: Our solutions drive innovation and sustainability.
  • Foundry and forging applications: We deliver custom-crafted equipment for unique needs.


Company History, Present, and Future

Aerowheel is a leading Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer in Ghaziabad. We strive for continuous improvement, aiming to deliver top-tier solutions that meet international standards.

Our Ghaziabad roots power our expertise, allowing us to deliver superior shot blasting equipment and surface preparation solutions to businesses locally and around the world. We don’t just sell machines – we provide comprehensive support to ensure long-lasting performance and value.

Whatever your Ghaziabad-based shot blasting needs, Aerowheel offers innovative, technology-driven solutions. Flexibility and durability are cornerstones of our products and services.

Brief history

Through dedication and unwavering commitment, Aerowheel has established itself as a respected name in Ghaziabad’s shot blasting industry. We specialize in the manufacture and export of premium quality Sand Blasting Machines and Portable Shot Blasting Machines, designed to meet the needs of local and international clients.

Our Unique Selling Propositions

Our Solutions for Ghaziabad and Beyond

Aerowheel empowers Ghaziabad’s diverse industries with unique and sustainable portable shot blasting solutions. While serving our local market, we aspire to set international quality standards, expanding our global reach.

We cater to the specific requirements of various sectors, including Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Defense and Military, Energy and Power, Foundry, and Forge. Our tailored products are designed to meet the unique needs of each industry.

With a comprehensive portfolio of products, we offer solutions to fulfill your diverse shot blasting needs. Explore our range of products to discover the perfect fit for your requirements.



Our impressive portfolio of peening, cleaning, and deburring installations is built on decades of experience…


Leading agricultural and heavy equipment manufacturers rely on our equipment for their surface preparation needs.


We are a leading supplier of metal finishing and peening equipment to global OEMs and automotive manufacturers.

Defense & Military

Aerowheel has been a preferred supplier to the defense industry around the globe, as well as the United States Armed Forces.

Energy & Power

The “green-energy” sector is a growing part of our business and a strong focus. Power plants, turbines, and windmills…

Foundry & Forge

With a large global installation base, we manufacture a variety of solutions exclusively designed for foundry and forging applications.

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